• My name is Aimée and I'm currently an ACD

    I can ideate, write, and strategize. Plus, I have won over 20 awards in my career.


    Developed campaigns for Walgreens, Mercedes-Benz, Rums of Puerto Rico, Banco Popular of Puerto Rico, PepsiCo, Triple-S, and Liberty Cablevision, among others.


    Co-wrote a short film, and published social thought pieces, essays, poetry, and fiction. I also wrote my thesis and that was a lot of writing.

    Curious human

    Fun fact time! I enjoy puzzles a lot (in all their forms). I'm almost trilingual, take many road trips, play tennis, read a lot, cook, knit, and read things upside-down.

  • My digital life

    From Community Manager to Lead Ideator and content strategist to recently ACD, I have worked on many projects in the digital world. Here are some of my favorites due to their success, but feel free to ask about my experience.

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    Kings of Perreo

    What do you do when a comedy influencer doesn't buy the website from his parody video about reggaeton artists' outrage over being left out of the Latin Grammys? You buy it, put up dogs for adoption named after reggaeton artists, and create music videos for them! Kings of Perreo's fast-response won awards locally and internationally, including a Luum Award for Essence of Message.

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    Shark Encounters

    Shark Week is always fun to get people to engage with the Liberty Brand. Some people would love to swim with sharks but don't dare. Our app allowed them to do it while learning more about these majestic sea creatures. This campaign won two Cúspide Awards.

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    Ante la duda, pregunta

    This CDC initiative sought to help women get free contraceptives during the Zika Outbreak in Puerto Rico. I worked on the development of the concept, scripts for videos, and text for the website. According to the client, this was one of the most successful campaigns they've run in Puerto Rico, and due to those results, they decided to extend it to other Caribbean countries.

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    A Gift for Willy

    This was a very successful promotion for Father's Day for the client, but that's only the second reason why it is one of my favorites. I worked on the concept and oversaw the promo execution. I don't want to spoil it, so click and watch the case study. Just have some facial tissues at hand. Also, this promo won two local Digital Marketing awards.

  • Radio Aromatherapy

    The new Mercedes-Benz models have an aromatherapy system that can be life-changing during your drive. The spot COUPLES was a Cannes Shortlist in 2017, and the whole campaign won 4 silver awards in Cúspide (our local ad competition).

  • Radio-Certified

    For this campaign, we recycled our old radio ads and made them feel like new, just like Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned cars. This campaign won three Cúspide awards.

  • Broadcast

    Some of the TV Spots I've worked on.


    It is the story of a kid who wants to change his environment with the only things he has: his magic tricks, his imagination, and the hope that his greatest trick will finally work this time.

  • (Short) Film Work

    Some friends and I got together and created a small production company, Monte Bandido, and participated twice in the 48 Hours Film Festival. Arte 51 was our first entry, and it won five awards, including Viewer's Choice. Por Feo, our second project, won four awards, including Best Short Film, Best Actor, and Viewer's Choice. I'm currently writing a short film that I hope I'll get to show soon!

  • Contact me

    I'm as connected as an early millennial could be, but you'll find me faster on these networks. Let's meet for coffee and have a talk.

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